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Benzene, a known cause of leukemia, is common in many workplaces.


Benzene & Leukemia

Benzene leukemia has been associated with long-term exposure to the hazardous chemical benzene. Benzene, which is a carcinogen, can be found in rubbers, plastics, synthetic fabrics, and resins. It is a clear, colorless and flammable liquid. The dangerous chemical has been strictly regulated by the federal government’s Environmental Protection Agency, but is still a risk for many people in industrial professions.
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Benzene Exposure

Benzene exposure can be adversely detrimental to your health and even deadly. The chemical benzene is a clear, colorless and flammable liquid that is typically found in materials such as plastics, rubber, resins and synthetic fibers. While high levels of benzene exposure have been associated with leukemia, even minimal amounts can pose a serious risk.
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Benzene Lawsuits

A benzene lawsuit may be a necessary action due to the detrimental health effects of the chemical benzene. Benzene is causing more and more controversy as it continues to be a hazard in the industrial workforce, despite its banning by the federal government’s Environmental Protection Agency.
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Medical Expenses

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a benzene related illness, you know first hand the tremendous financial burden that comes with caring for yourself or a loved one. Because there are so many harmful consequences of benzene exposure, the cost of medical treatment can vary depending on the resulting medical condition.
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How We Can Help

Our qualified and experienced benzene lawyers at Allen Stewart, P.C. offer a free no-obligation consultation where you can learn more about your legal rights and options. Here, you can explain the details of your situation and ask any questions that you may have.
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